Complex enterprise development, tailor-made for your company.
We work with the world's best knowhows to make your company competitive in the global world.
Improvers Group is the leading enterprise development group of companies in Hungary.

Us in numbers

60 consultant, trainer colleague 60
300 active customer relationship 300
30 000 with whom we worked 30 000
10 international methodology for our customers 10
28 years of Hungarian company development experience 28
1st position in 2016 in the Book of Lists rankings 1

FranklinCovey is a global organization operating in 168 countries with a special focus on improving performance. We help organizations achieve changes in human behavior to achieve results.

"Culture consumes strategy for breakfast"- 
Excellent organizational culture: the competitive advantage that cannot be copied

Our mission: teach and live according to the principles of excellence to show an alternative to improve Hungary.

In Samling Business Education Center we believe that the real competitive advantage of companies is to a large extent due to continuous training of employees. 01
We provide up-to-date knowledge to business people 02
Continuous professional development, lifelong learning is the key to success! 03
We believe in development, we believe in training. 04
Sämling Business School
Employer branding, in the Y, Z generation world, is far more important than it used to be.
How do we bring about the inner potentials inherent in individuals, in teams and in the body?
Coaching-based leadership is now indispensable in managing new generations.
Behavior is only the surface, we change our minds.
The result-centered open trust culture is an unmistakable competitive advantage.
Do you want to create a collaborative corporate culture where people invest in the success of others and the common goal?
How much internal human problems cause your company?
The Arbinger Institute's 30-year psychological research has opened up completely new ways of organizational culture development.

School Development - Our Social Responsibility

Does your child go to a school where they develop the right way of living for becoming an adult?

Development of school culture based on strengthening the life-skills and character competences of teachers and young people.

The ÉLETREVALÓK program is a pedagogical process for children that builds a harmoniously functioning personality.

3500 "Leader in me" schools in the world, 46 in Hungary. Which school does your child go to?