Digital transformation

Navigating business in a technology driven future

Digital competition is the new disrupting dimension. Data driven organisations, robotic process automation, manufacturing processes augmented by IoT, sales targeting impro- ved by artificial intelligence, chatbots helping customer service, in store assortment optimized by visual data collection, reduced waste production with self-monitoring machi- nery… Every one of these technologies are promising that they are going to improve your sales, or dramatically reduce your costs.

But how can you compare these? How  do  you  know  which  one  is suitable  for  your  digital  maturity level?  How  can  you  differentiate opportunity from sciencefiction? How do you know how to organise different projects so that you earn the most from synergies? How do you build your data driven organisation?

Our Digital Compass helps you find your way in the ocean of opportunities. We help you define where you are at the moment, and what technologies could be inspiring and beneficial for you. We help you improve your operations from a business.

Tools for navigation:

  • Screening your processes: Where are you now? What do you want to achieve?
  • Screening the market: What are the dominant trends and technologies that are shaping the future?
  • Measurability: We help you compare the different technologies based onthe KPIs they influence.

Build you extensive digital strategy

After having understood the general goals and priorities of your organisation we dig down to examin your processes, systems and data structure to see what technologies are you ready for.

  • Process efficiency and lean diagnosis
  • Possibilities of robotics
  • Change readiness survey
  • IT security audit

2-6 weeks

Based on your industry and corporate specifities we collect the most relevant trends, technology provi- ders, and their potential business impact to show the potentials.

  • Research for custom technology providers
  • Overview of industry trends
  • Reference database of several hundred technology references

1-3 weeks

Processing the findings with workshop techniques within the organisation to create a prioritised list of executable projects.

  • Inspirational overview of collected opportunities
  • Moderated workshop to create a share understanding
  • Prioritisation and comparable projects
  • Preparing for organisational changes

1-2 weeks

Expected results

The output of the project is a prioritised action plan, that is inspired by technological opportunities and measured against your corporate processes and systems. We maximize your digitalization possibilities and the ROI of your investment in digitalization projects.