Key staff recruitment and development

Decision making in leader selection – for any reason – is one of the biggest tasks for any top manager. Finding the proper person for the proper place is a great competitive advantage. Bad decisions may shade the development level of any field even years later.


  • Leader recruitment – Internal selection – Positioning.
    Recruitment and positioning of new colleagues in leadership or other strategic fields
  • Strengthening internal position.
    Support of newly appointed leaders. Managing performance which falls behind the company’s expectations
  • Succession planning
    Planning of best internal and external opportunities.
  • Board Consulting.
    Achieve outstanding common results with different outstanding personal abilities.
  • Reorganisation – Establishment of new organisation.
    Life cycle counselling. Generation change. Reorganisation, change, growth and crisis management situation.

Why are we different?

The determination of real selection criteria happens with unique methods. If the starting point is false, all related work is in vain. Let it be leader recruitment, strengthening of internal position or the establishment of new organisation, the biggest responsibility is related to the identification of the needed leadership potential.

At first we identify the Basic Objectives of the given organisational unit and prepare a diagnosis about the organisation’s strategic execution abilities. (Details XQ).

The quick actualisation, modification of the previous scope of activities does not change search criteria significantly.

We possess internationally accepted competency systems – the FranklinCovey has measures leadership success since the 1980s. We performed analysis with the participation of about 500,000 people – in which more than 50,000 leaders participated – at thousands of companies around the world.

We know and use every practice of selection – (AC/DC, International Hogan, Captain Tests, Behaviour / competence based interview technique)

Our integration support service is the key for success – The first 100 days of a leader service, strategic execution, „Lean, Leadership, 7H, Executive coaching” services

We do not deal with head hunting. – We believe that the optimisation of recruitment for strategic fields may be assisted with organisational development counselling with high added value. This assumes a high level of trust with the client company.


Identifying the starting point:

  • Mapping the key value producing process of the organisational unit
  • Hierarchy of goals, setting of priorities: identifying basic goals
  • Measuring the abilities for the realisation of the XQ strategy. Understanding the reasons of gap between „desires” and reality.

Why execution fails. Details…XQ

Recruitment – the goal is to find the best candidate among 10 thousand.

  • We prepare cost efficient recruitment method through several channels for each client. From complex advertisement strategy to recruitment on the Internet among hundreds of candidates. In some cases by using the growing opportunities of active methods.
  • Direct recruitment – we do not perform head hunting. According to our research loyalty has key importance in leader position in the realisation of a long-term strategy. In case of leaders seduced with head hunting methods their loyalty may be questioned.

Screening – depending on the number of candidates we use IT (CLOUD COMPUTING) solutions.

  • We do not only ask for professional cv. Our pre-programmed online survey made upon the selected objective starts the pre-selection of candidates from the same basis. (Preparing bio data)
  • Video spot is added to the file of each candidate. The procession happens with AC methods
  • In certain cases we narrow down with phone call or video interview

Selection – only the forecast of performance counts

  • Personality tests – behaviour-motivation-cognitive abilities (Hogan, Captain)
  • AC, interviews, Details
  • Survey with international competence system – Individual efficiency (7H) Leadership competences, Details
  • Professional examination – Finances, international finances, project management, controlling, accounting, lean, sixsigma, production organisation, logistics, quality management, HR, taxing, measuring professional knowledge in the field of social security

The leader’s first 100 days service – Our integration support service is the key to success

Based on the organisational diagnosis’ results we prepare the new leader for the coming few months. With counselling services we assist him and his team in starting the realisatoion of the Basic Goals. We provide coach service, and in case of need we improve his efficiency with professional training.

Prices and guarantees

After contacting us we prepare a thorough diagnosis. We do not charge your company for this. Then in our solution recommendation we prepare the cost plan for the complete project.

In case of general recruitment – in case of selection our fee equals to the 20% of the selected candidates’ annual gross salary. We provide repayment guarantee if the candidate fails.

In our coaching procedures we work with hourly rates.

In case of HR counselling, AC / DC and organisational development we usually set a counselling daily fee with regard to the complexity and volume of the commission

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