Effective project management

In our rapidly changing world, it is the speed and quality of the realisation of improvement projects that has become the greatest asset in competition in the 21st century.

Examples of difficulties: 90% of companies are not able to execute their strategy – Balanced Scorecard Collaborative

  • 60-70% of technological developments are without results. – SEI
  • In the past 10 years, 8 out of 10 mergers were a failure in the USA. – Fast Company
  • Only 13% of enterprises say that their experiments in innovation are a success. – Six Sigma survey
  • 7 out of 10 CRM initiatives fail – Aberdeen Research

Background to our development programme

In the past 12 years, Sämling’s organisation development consultants are using the know-how, trainings and knowledge base of the German Project Management Association   with great success. Based on our past experiences, we’ve developed and are using the complex tools and technics of successful project planning. In order to have a successful project, 3 main areas need to be strengthened in an organisation: the project steering committee, the project managers and the project team members. In essence, successful projects could be realised in case each of these teams are not only great in their internal cooperation, but they also have great synergies in a broader scope.

We often see that our potential training participants might not be dealing with great volume, budget or even resource driven, highly complex projects, yet next to their business as usual daily tasks, they are involved in numerous projects and they need to manage complex tasks too.

Since for these colleagues, classical project management trainings are too method driven, and do not reflect much upon the importance of cooperation and communication, we have developed a programme that has a more holistic view. Besides getting to know the methods of task & project planning, the training heavily focuses on the human side of project management too. Participants work on their own pilot/projects brought along, where they have the possibility to try the tools, tips and tricks during the session.

Enhancement of projects’ return on investment – change management

The token of competitiveness is the rapid and efficient introduction of changes in an organisation, yet it is these changes that put stress on the resources of the organisations at the same time. The Accelerating Implementation Methodology enables organisations to realise their change management projects on time, within budget while reaching all their objectives in the whole process.

In a strategic cooperation with IMA, we are using the Accelerating Implementation Methodology in a broad scope in successfully implementing critical ventures. Examples include:

  • Introduction of corporate governance systems
  • Management of mergers and acquisitions
  • Six Sigma and Lean introduction
  • Projects of size and cost cuttings
  • Corporate culture changes and other organisational paradigm changes
  • Re-planning projects of business processes

Fields of intervention

The most important result of the methodology is the projects’ expedited return of investment. It also contributes to the development of the organisation’s long-term change capability.

Our programme is recommended to

People intending to handle their more complex tasks and projects in a more efficient manner. They’ll get access to all the know-how that will enable them to successfully implement both technical and interpersonal aspects in running projects successfully.

We also recommend our further topic specific trainings:


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